Through Youths Eyes

There is no shortage of impassioned youth who would appreciate a platform for content they’ve created surrounding issues and topics that interest them. This is precisely why
Let’s Get Together has developed a youth-focused and youth-led initiative called
Through Youths Eyes (TYE) in order to provide a stage to such youth.

The mission of TYE is to encourage youth across Ontario (through a blog) to speak up and share their perspectives on issues that affect their education, family, well-being and community through an open, inclusive and respected platform that helps amplify their voice within the greater community. TYE blog will act as a means for young people to share their respectful criticisms, solutions, and ideas with those willing to listen.


Bhavya Tandon

I’m a high school student who is passionate about issues surrounding and affecting youth. I’m working with the other members of the TYE team to attempt to foster change by empowering fellow youth to communicate meaningful messages over a reliable and safe platform. I love writing and sharing my, oftentimes strong,  opinions so this will be a fun ride and interesting experience!
Can’t wait to see what all of you
come up with!

Erica Rambukkanage

Hi writers! As a highschool student, I know better than ever that life can hurl us an abundance of obstacles concerning dissimilar topics, which obviously impacts us. Being a proud member of the TYE team, our sole focus is to present a secure floor which heightens youths’ voices and induces change in Ontario. I regard the power of writing heartily, and really encourage all of you to submit content which gives perspective to what you believe in. I look forward to reading your submissions!

Kianna Dewart

Hi there, I am a recent graduate with a Masters of Science in International Development, I previously interned at the United Nations in New York and am currently working at the Canadian Red Cross. I am looking forward to being a resource to fellow youth regarding guidance on navigating and understanding their experiences in our communities. I think this platform for writing will help students develop their communication skills and act as an important tool for self-reflection.