Let’s Get Together is working with a group of undergraduate students from the University of Toronto Mississauga to host the first virtual Students Expo on March 20th and March 21st, 2021.

The theme this year is “Invest in Myself”. 

These two half-day sessions are geared towards motivating Grade 8 – 12 students across Canada to start investing in their future by saying yes to new learning experiences and taking more ownership of their learning so they can create their own path to success.

As recent high school graduates, the students have experienced this daunting, confusing, and uncertain transition. So, they want to provide the younger generation with the resources, tips and support they wished they had during their journey.

The team believes the Students Expo will benefit many as they aim to provide a variety of experiences and perspectives from students, parents and professionals to create a sense of community around the topic of education.

This event is FREE and will be hosted online via zoom.

Please share and encourage students to join the Students Expo and share it on their social media. It would mean a lot!

Please reach out if you have any questions or inquiries about the event at expo@letsgettogether.ca. You can also follow us on Instagram @studentsexpo & @GetTogetherTO.