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For $60 we can get a desktop and for $150 we can get a laptop for a student or family in need.

Laptop for 2 boys
Hi there, my son is going into grade seven in the fall and has a series of learning challenges (learning disability, adhd, complex communication disorder and very low working memory) that require heavy reliance on computer assistance. He was approved for a  laptop at school but the tech from school must stay on site. He really needs something he can use at home so that he can practice learning and using the various different special programs before he hits high school. Do you provide assistance for kids in middle school years? I have a younger son who is in grade one who also has special needs so the two of them would get extensive use out of any home computer we were able to secure. You are providing a wonderful support. Thank you for the work that you do and as well for any guidance or information you may be able to provide.  
Help with autism
We are a family in Etobicoke with four children: 9 year old girl and three boys: 4, 2 years old and a newborn. My daughter and 2-year old son have autism and require constant supervision. That is why my husband cannot go to work. Hiring a special needs support worker would cost more than what he would earn. My daughter is in grade 3 and she uses technology in her school daily. Being non-verbal, she is a visual learner. She has basic computer skills and is able to use the computer on her own. She now started repeating words and sounds when she hears them on Starfall website. We would love to get her a home computer that she could use for learning. We hope to hear her talking one day. My son would turn 5 in August. He has just finished JK. He loves Lego, books and cars. We started teaching him how to read and spell. If possible, can we please get a computer for him too? There are so many educational programs and websites that we could use to enhance and speed up his learning.
Laptops for mother & son

Thank you for the opportunity to request your financial support in assisting with purchasing laptop computers for my son and I.
I’ve been out of work for several months now due to a massive lay-off. My income has been limited to E. I. which is now ended. I recently decided to go back to school and upgrade my skills to assist me with securing better employment opportunities in the future. Student
loans are my primary source of income, which after paying tuition, leaves very little to pay for rent, bills, personal expenses and support for my son.

Shortly after my layoff, my computer that was several years old had finally crashed for the second time and cost close to $1600 to repair, which was way out of my budget. It was not worth spending that kind of money on it. Sharing one computer between my son and I, had its challenges but now with no computer in the home it has been quite difficult. My son recently started high school and at this time we rely
heavily on computer use at our individual schools and the public library, which is not always convenient. Since we use public transportation to get around, quite often we need to work past closing hours and can't make it to the library.

Having individual laptop computers in the home will allow both my son and I to work at our own pace, have direct access to internet to help with our studies, do research and complete homework assignments. And specifically for myself, search and apply for jobs.

As I am the primary support parent with limited income, receiving the financial support would help me minimize having another but much needed expense, especially with a new school season starting for my son in September. I’d like to thank you in advance for considering me and look forward to your response.

Computer for job search
I am interested to apply for a laptop and a desktop for me and my 6 1/2 year old son. Due to various health reasons I have lost my job and has been unemployed since past few months. Due to broken marriage I went into depression and currently I am recovering. I am constantly looking for job but it's hard as I do not have computer at home, I go to YMCA to do job search. Due to financial crisis I am nearly surviving. My son is starting grade 2 in September and If i qualify i really want to give him laptop and  keep desktop for myself to get more involve with the job search.
Computer for family
A family with six children who recently immigrated from Somali are in need of a home computer. This computer would be very useful for this family as it would help the children in home work completion, research for projects and assignments. It would also benefit the mother and father as it would help enhance computer literacy skills, language learning and aid in communication.
Help with daily life skills
Computers can be very useful and beneficial for me to pursue my education in an easy and comfortable ways, it can also helps me enhance my learning capabilities in a wide varieties of areas. I could take online courses. After finishing up a lesson, I can still go online to review my notes or a previously recorded Lecture. The best opportunity of having a computer inside the classroom is to search anything within couple of minutes and ask questions to professor. Computer has become an integral part of my college life. In fact, it has also become an everyday skill to survive in this society which requires sending emails, conducting Internet research, creating word processing documents and creating presentations. I can already see a bright future ahead of me if I could get this opportunity and make my life easier to accomplish all my goals and become a successful person. There is an another reason I would use this amazing technology - "computer" - to teach my  parents so they could utilize this in their daily life, since for this generation, everything could be done online such as making resume, cheacking daily emails, etc. My parents are well educated but never had a chance to use computer technology at their time. So it will be a great opportiunity for me to help my parents as well as I am taking an advantage to make my collage life easier and build up my carrer.
Laptop for homework

Thank you for taking the time to review my application. My name is Tedi-Lynn. I have recently finished my first year of high school and will be returning to grade 10 at St. Mary’s College in Sault Ste. Marie. Being in high school has been quite a change. I found that in elementary school the work we were assigned was split pretty evenly between paper work and computer work. I have noticed that the expectations have changed as well. We now have more in class assignments, more home work and more tests. I’m finding that more and more often our work is relying on the use of a computer. During our classes we are taught how to use different programs and are given time to practice, which helps a lot. Even though I have access to computers at school for these types of assignments having a computer available at home would help make homework and studying a lot easier to complete. I would be able to research for assignments, prepare typed papers and even study for tests with friends using websites like Quizlet.com

Having access to my own piece of technology will help me to learn responsibility and allow me easier access to information that will help me grow personally and academically. This summer I applied for my first job and recently accepted the position as a Day Camp Support Staff Worker. I have already started to save money with the hope that my application for the laptop will be accepted. I appreciate the opportunity to apply for a computer through Renewed Computer Technology.