Our Inspire. Initiatie. Learn. initiative seeks to bring neighbourhoods closer together by encouraging community organizations and businesses (community partners) to provide youth with more opportunities to take initiative in their learning and support them. In doing this, we aim to strengthen the relationship between youth and the community through initiatives that foster collaboration, engagement, mentorships, and networking. We have develop a learning model that promotes a growth mindset, helps youth learn and show initiative while embracing a philosophy of lifelong learning.
We aim to do this in this three step model:  


It takes a village to raise a child.  It’s no secret that healthy, happy, civic-minded, self-aware youths help build stronger communities. An important factor for creating inspiration is encouragement. This can be given to youth by community partners and leaders who understand their important role in the “healthy community chain” and are willing to make time to invest in our brighter future for everyone.  Inspired youth are more likely to take interest, become creative, and self-motivate themselves into accomplishing their personal and professional goals while giving back to their community.


This next step involves helping youth
put their new found inspiration into action.
As members of the community, we look to community partners and leaders to offer youth innovative and meaningful learning opportunities to take initiative into becoming more active and leading members in their neighbourhood.


With guidance and encouragement from their mentors, youth will receive the opportunity to learn more about their community.  They will discover the different roles of a healthy community by researching their neighbourhood, supporting other intiatives, improving their employment skills and partaking in valuable workshops.  All these experiences will train youth to be responsible, compassionate, active members in their community.

Our Businesses Engaging and Encouraging Teens (BEET) program

Our new Inspire.Initiate.Learn. initiative, Businesses Engaging and Encouraging Teens (BEET), is a 5 part program that aims to help build networks and strengthen relationships between local youth and businesses with a goal to assist youth in securing meaningful employment within their community.