Through Youths Eyes: An Introvert’s Guide to Socializing

Through Youths Eyes: An Introvert’s Guide to Socializing

Us introverts thoroughly enjoy our own company. We don’t achieve this state of contentment through  simply talking to ourselves. Instead we develop and curate these things called hobbies and thrive inside our own heads. Our minds are an intricate mess of colour as we address others in shades of grey. Meanwhile, our more outgoing counterparts constantly seek human company and conversation. They find this company in social situations that turn many introverts off. Huge parties or even meeting new people and making plans to see absolute strangers. None of those are things that an introvert will readily partake in. We need some convincing and often times, guidance.

So you’re an introvert and/or socially awkward. Sometimes fear of missing out (or FOMO, as its more popularly referred to) pays you a visit and outweighs your desire to curl up with a mug of herbal tea. You won’t let one small personality trait stop you from attending a school dance, will you?  Ultimately, we all need human company. We’re social creatures! Without further ado, here it is: ‘An Introvert’s Guide to Socializing’.

Step one- purposefully make plans with your more fickle friends or the ones that have strict parents, step two- rejoice when said plans get cancelled, step three- crack open a box of green tea sachets and say you tried.

All jokes aside, it can be very difficult to step outside of your comfort zone and into a social event, especially if you deal with social anxiety. The following strategies are there to help you build up the courage to chat with a new person or text back and RSVP.

TIP #1

Extroversion is the dominant personality trait so it’s likely that you’re friends with a social butterfly or two. Start building your confidence and testing the waters through making more plans with these friends and seeing where that leads you. Draw off their energy. Who knows, maybe some of their openness will rub off on you? At the very least you’ll have gained a lot of valuable practice and possibly come up with a handful of tips of your own.

Through Youths Eyes: Winning the iPad – an aid for my undergraduate studies at Ryerson University

Through Youths Eyes: Winning the iPad – an aid for my undergraduate studies at Ryerson University

When you continue your education, not all teachers tell students a list of materials they need for courses they have registered for the school year. Materials for courses that are taken during the day and/or night are affordable if students do not break any items that belong to the school and they don’t have missing books. However, taking online courses requires students spending a pile of money for electricity, registration fees (depending on the school board), a computer or tablet, and an internet connection.

“The iPad I won will be an aid for my undergraduate studies at Ryerson University!”

The iPad makes online classes accessible. At Ryerson University, full-time and part-time students are required to take courses during the day in person. Ryerson University provides educational tools for students, professors, and teachers’ assistants to improve communication and to help to understand the course. Using the iPad in the university will give me instant access to my courses on  Desire2Learn (D2L) – to see announcements made by the professors and for quick communications between my classmates, professors, and teachers’ assistants.


The iPad has some unique built-in apps that will be useful for the Mathematics program at Ryerson University. It includes a bundle of apps that opened doors I never discovered. The “Measure” app is used for measuring objects by manually connecting one point to another point. This is useful for the beginning of Physics I in first semester because we will be learning kinematics and dynamics and labs for those topics requires measuring distances and displacements. The “iTunes U” app is used for learning subjects from different schools for different levels of education. This app can help me understand some topics from different courses better. This app is Apple’s exclusive version of Khan Academy because Apple users can learn new topics from different institutions that they are not enrolled in. The opened doors will have significance in my undergraduate program.


From left: Michael Papis (RE/MAX Professionals Inc), Samuel Renos (iPad winner) and Alison Canning (Let’s Get Together!).

The Mathematics program at Ryerson University creates a huge list of employment options that not everyone knows nor would imagine such as technology and finance. Since 2014, Toronto has the fastest-growing tech industry in North America and there is a huge demand for Data Scientists (a career that integrates mathematics, statistics, and computer science). Businesses use math to monitor their budgets, financial status, and marketing tactics. Mathematics is an aid that helps sectors to adapt reality that logically makes sense.

I am grateful to Let’s Get Together! for find opportunities to help schools and families in Ward 1 by setting up fundraisers to help them get ready for the upcoming school year.  Thank you to Emiliano and Ana NoFrills for hosting the BBQ fundraiser and to Martin Eckart from Re/Max Professional Inc for donating the iPad. I’m grateful that these services exist in our community.



Samuel Reano
Kingsview Village – The Westway Youth Resident

Martin Eckert (RE/MAX Professionals Inc) iPad donor.

Through Youth’s Eyes: Pleased to meet you, allow us to introduce ourselves

Through Youth’s Eyes: Pleased to meet you, allow us to introduce ourselves

The dilemma of every budding generation- such as mine- is feeling voiceless in comparison to the older and more established members of society. Fortunately, as technology has developed over the past few decades, it has become possible and increasingly efficient to communicate our thoughts and opinions online. For this, us millennials and Gen Z’ers are grateful.  Let’s Get Together has always aimed to bring together families and communities while bridging a generational gap. One of the most effective manners in which to instigate change is to simply share and appreciate one another’s perspectives.

There is no shortage of impassioned youth who would appreciate a platform for content they’ve created surrounding issues and topics that interest them. This is precisely why Let’s Get Together has developed a youth-focused and youth-led initiative called Through Youth’s Eyes (TYE) in order to provide a stage to such youth. The mission of TYE is to encourage youth across Ontario to speak up and share their perspectives on issues that affect their education, family, well-being and community through an open, inclusive and respected platform that helps amplify their voice within the greater community. TYE will act as a means for young people to share their respectful criticisms, solutions, and ideas with those willing to listen.


As of now, the TYE team has determined that we will be electronically publishing submissions on a biweekly basis (a collection of multiple pieces issued once every two weeks). The content will be available right here on Let’s Get Together’s website. We accept various forms of content submissions from poetry to photography provided the submission can be displayed on our chosen platform and is meaningful in that it sends a message with regards to a clear topic.

How can I contribute?

We’ll be doing callouts on a regular basis through Let’s Get Together’s social media accounts in which we’ll ask for youth across Ontario to drum up their best work and submit it to for editions of TYE. Keep an eye out for new posts! We will also have a submission button at

What is TYE looking for in terms of submissions?

We want you to express yourselves using TYE’s Guiding Principles of respect, empathy, collaboration, the spirit of life-long learning, fairness, inclusion and equity. As mentioned previously, we appreciate and encourage a wide variety of content in terms of form. We don’t want anyone to feel as though they’re in a creative box.

Your options include but are not limited to…

  • Articles
  • Photography
  • Poetry
  • Blogs
  • Quotes
  • Opinion Pieces
  • Interviews
  • Paragraphs

While polishing your pieces please also consider Let’s Get Together’s values as a “handbook” of sorts. These values are to put people first, that anything is possible, to be empowered, to foster collaboration and compassion, and to be innovative and revolutionary.


Our mission reiterated and broken down

  • To provide youth across Ontario a platform to share their thoughts on topics that affect their education, family, well-being and community.
  • To provide experiential learning opportunities for youth interested in journalism, photography, social media, communications.
  • To create mentorship opportunities for youth through our cross-student mentorship model (graduate, post-secondary, secondary and elementary).
  • To allow youth to engage in discussions to further explore and find possible solutions on issues that affect them.
  • To provide youth with the opportunity to invest in their community as they recognize the implications of current issues towards their future.
  • To encourage young writers, thinkers and creators to look at controversial topics from all angles and argue their opinion in a respectable manner.


It’s been lovely speaking with you and we can’t wait to get to know you better!

 The Through Youth’s Eyes team