BEET Workshops: Youth employee-in-training program

BEET Workshops: Youth employee-in-training program

We invite students from grades 7-8 and grades 9-10 to join 4-week virtual Youth-Employee-in-Training program that begins the week of February 20th.
Through small-group, interactive trainings and mentorship connections, youth will learn important 21st Century learning skills; critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication. Youth will also learn how to foster a growth mindset, the importance of goal setting, how to network with potential employers, how to self-care, how to build a resume with little experience, and much more! that includes reaching out to students, parents and businesses.

These sessions are organized by Businesses Engaging and Encouraging Teens (BEET), a program designed to help build networks and strengthen relationships between local youth and businesses with a goal to educate and assist youth in securing meaningful employment within their community.

Cost: FREE

Group 1: Youth in Grades 9 – 10 residing in Ontario, Canada only
Group 2: Youth in Grades 7-8 residing in Ontario, Canada only

Presented by: Students at the Centre of Student Engagement, University of Toronto Mississauga, and guest speakers in partnership with Let’s Get Together