Businesses Engaging and Encouraging Teens (BEET) program

Businesses Engaging and Encouraging Teens (BEET), our latest Inspire.Initiate.Learn. initiative, is a 5 part program that aims to help build networks and strengthen relationships between local youth and businesses with a goal to assist youth in securing meaningful employment within their community.


With the City of Toronto’s youth unemployment rate at 14.2% (2016), the community needs to explore more innovative and revolutionary ways to inspire and empower youth that goes beyond teaching them and giving them resources.

 They need to involve, educate and encourage more businesses and organizations to open their minds, hearts and doors to youth by creating more roles, providing a supportive, youth-friendly work environment, and finally a chance to engage in their learning and invest back in their community.

The BEET program will teach youth important work ethics, how to balance their responsibilities while respectfully navigate themselves in a workplace. Recognizing healthy relationships create healthy work environments, it also provides businesses and employers, who interact and/or support youth, a comprehensive training program with real-life examples and practical tools on how to create a productive, empowering and respectful work environment for youth.  Businesses can save time and money through our customized pre-employment training program for youth interested in working with them and at the same time be recognized as youth-friendly, proactive, engaged community leaders.   We strive to provide each youth one-on-one connections through small group trainings and hands-on work related experience while connecting them to a network of local employment agencies that can provide additional support. Supports include financial employment incentives, job readiness resources and a youth-specific website that lists local volunteer and employment opportunities.