BEET Workshops: Youth employee-in-training program

BEET Workshops: Youth employee-in-training program

We invite students from grades 7-8 and grades 9-10 to join 4-week virtual Youth-Employee-in-Training program that begins the week of February 20th.
Through small-group, interactive trainings and mentorship connections, youth will learn important 21st Century learning skills; critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication. Youth will also learn how to foster a growth mindset, the importance of goal setting, how to network with potential employers, how to self-care, how to build a resume with little experience, and much more! that includes reaching out to students, parents and businesses.

These sessions are organized by Businesses Engaging and Encouraging Teens (BEET), a program designed to help build networks and strengthen relationships between local youth and businesses with a goal to educate and assist youth in securing meaningful employment within their community.

Cost: FREE

Group 1: Youth in Grades 9 – 10 residing in Ontario, Canada only
Group 2: Youth in Grades 7-8 residing in Ontario, Canada only

Presented by: Students at the Centre of Student Engagement, University of Toronto Mississauga, and guest speakers in partnership with Let’s Get Together

LET’S GET TALKING WORKSHOP: So, University is online…..

LET’S GET TALKING WORKSHOP: So, University is online…..

Join University of Toronto Mississauga Centre For Student Engagement students on Friday, February 12 from 4:30 pm to 6 pm to discuss how high school students can navigate through the process of online learning as they make the transition into post-secondary education. Student will learn the necessary information needed to equip them with different methods, techniques and experiences to help them flourish in a virtual setting.

With the help of different campus partners, academic societies and experienced students we aim to provide you with applicable, tangible and effective strategies to keep students motivated and gain the most from their university experience.

This session is suitable for high school students (grade 9 to 12).

Participants will:

  • Discover online academic resources available to them by introducing campus partners and student clubs, as well as other related online university services.
  • Plan out a concrete approach to their virtual learning experience, in order to be prepared for online school when they begin their journey into post-secondary education
  • Identify resources available to students to help them navigate through virtual learning as well as develop suitable online strategies to enhance their post-secondary experience.
Let’s Get Talking! – Looking for Student Ambassadors

Let’s Get Talking! – Looking for Student Ambassadors

Let’s Get Together is currently looking for a group of diverse, compassionate and leadership-oriented post-secondary students or recent graduates from all backgrounds to act as Student Ambassadors for our Let’s Get Talking Initiative.

As a Student Ambassador, you will provide motivation, encouragement and guidance to the members of our community, while also providing insight into your personal experiences through online forums, webinars and more.