Let’s Get Together! vision came after a mother left her career to stay home and take care of her children particularly her teenage daughter who needed more support and guidance.

She took an active role in her children’s education and got involved with the school’s parent council. It was there, she saw the need for more educational assistance for parents and the growing demand to make learning resources more equitable and accessible.

Her strong belief that partnerships and connections strengthen community and enhance student success, serves as the foundation for Let’s Get Together! 


With the support of a few friends and community partners, Let’s Get Together! evolved and today is a non-profit organization that creates opportunities for parents, youth and communities to access information and resources that provide educational assistance and support student well-being. The mission is to empower parents to become more engaged in their children’s education and inspire youth in their learning while making it more equitable and accessible.

Let’s Get Together! connects parents, youth and communities to information and resources through five primary vehicles:

  1. Resource Centre – A comprehensive collection of  resources recommended by parents and youth for parents and youth.
  2. Community Learning Hub – Securing funding and mobilizing subject matter experts to deliver workshops, online presentations, and events.
  3. Pop Up and Virtual Parent Expo – Bringing together parents, parent councils, schools and communities to learn and network together.
  4. Inspire.Initiate.Learn. – Inspiring youth to take initiative in their learning with the encouragement and support of community partners.
  5. Spirit Characters NEW! – A group of characters that highlight many of today’s social and life challenges and offer guidance to elementary-age children.

Our Values

Let’s Get Together! believes people are the real assets in any organizational unit. Whether it be a business, school, community centre, sports team or even a family – putting people first is key to increasing overall success. Our values guide our relationships and establish expectations both within our organization and with our external partners. We strongly believe these values will encourage and challenge us to learn from the past, focus on the present and plan towards building a healthier future for all.