Raptors 905 Growth Mindset – A Key to your Child’s Success - March 10, 2018

A heart to heart with 905 Raptors players themselves! Aaron Best, Kaza Keane, Shevon Thompson and Kennedy Meetks will share stories and deliver insights on how they have used resiliency, compassion, teamwork and drive to take them to the top of their game towards the NBA.

It will be a memorable, meaningful and enlightening experience! Suitable for both elementary and secondary age students and their families.

Learn more and purchase tickets at http://communitylearninghub.org/


A comprehensive collection of  resources recommended by parents and youth for parents and youth.

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Securing funding and mobilizing subject matter experts to offer training, webinars and events.

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Parent EXPO 

Bringing together parents, parent councils, schools and communities to learn and network together.

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Youth unemployment percentage rate in Ontario in 2017

The e-book “Let’s Get Together! Succeeding In Math” puts a human face and voice to mathematics learning by sharing math experiences and tips in concrete ways!  The inspirational math stories from parents, students and educators highlight the importance and significance of sharing mathematic dialogue, learning experiences and wisdom that are all transferable to every areas of our lives!

Denise Lobo

Educator, Ontario

Let’s Get Together! makes important connections and partnerships with school administrators and workshop providers. LGT works with schools to find funding to bring in qualified authors, and working professionals to lead meaningful workshops. As an author, LGT offers a valuable service because they represent my work and put me in front of the people that I write for.

Elyse Kishimoto

Author, The Dining and Social Club for Time Travellers

I attended a Let’s Get Together! event to play board games and had a great time. As a teacher and board game aficionado, I whole-heartedly agree with their philosophy of using board games to promote social skills and communication, as well as game-specific skills such as forward planning, critical thinking, and logic. Learning is more meaningful when children are engaged in the task, and fun certainly promotes engagement.”

Scott Kelly

Parent and Educator, Ontario

Let’s Get Together! focuses on supporting parents so that they, in turn, can support their children. It means closing the age and communication gap between parent and child and giving them more opportunities to get together! It also means investing in a child’s future by taking little steps today!

Dianne L

Student Volunteer, UTM